Being easy to get to and served by a very dense transport network, Liège is within reach of your curiosity with its TGV station, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

In the city centre, history, heritage and culture mix with each other along the elegant and busy

streets. Liège is also green, from its many parks to its promenade on the slopes of the citadel, or the Montagne de Bueren for the more courageous among you with its 374 steps.

The "Fiery City", as it is sometimes called, offers an array of museums such as the Grand Curtius museum, the aquarium or La Boverie museum of fine arts, which until the beginning of May held the impressive “Hyperrealism Sculpture” exhibition.

On Sunday mornings, the “Batte”, the longest market in Europe, attracts the crowds while Le Carré neighbourhood is at the heart of the city's night life. And you can savour the local specialities everywhere: pèkèt liqueur, café liégois, waffles and boulets à la liégeoise (meatballs).

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