Come and sate your curiosity in Liège, located near you at the heart of a close-meshed transportation network, starting with its high-speed train station, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

History, heritage and culture come together in the elegant and bustling streets of the city centre.

Liège is also a green city thanks to its numerous parks, the promenade on the slopes of the Citadel and the Montagne de Bueren, whose 374-step staircase is not for the faint of heart. The Ardent City is home to a wide range of museums, including the Grand Curtius, Aquarium, Museum of Walloon Life, Treasure House of the Cathedral and La Boverie Fine Arts Museum, which has struck a partnership with the Louvre. It also boasts an opera, a philharmonic orchestra and about ten theatres.

La Batte, the longest market in Europe, attracts huge crowds every Sunday morning, while Le Carré is the heart of nightlife in town. Delicious local specialities such as pèkèt (juniper spirit), café Liégeois, waffles and meatballs can be found everywhere.

Liège © Émilie Denis